The Benefits of a Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning

commercial wood floor cleaningWe’ve all heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but we usually do. Why? Because we think that the quality of the cover reflects the quality of the book. We might even choose to put the book back on the shelf because of its less-than-attractive cover. Businesses are the same way. Even though the business may offer exceptional services, some customers may opt to forego business with the company because of its poor appearance. Most likely you have even refused to do business with a company because of its exterior! Now consider your own business or workplace. Would you trust it based on its cleanliness? If your business is being unfairly judged, here are a few benefits of a professional wood floor cleaning in Galveston that will satisfy your customer’s judgment.

Why Choose a Professional?

A professional service goes above and beyond the job of an employee with a mop. Intensive cleaning procedures are tested and known to remove dirt, oil, dust, hair, and other contaminants. A typical once-over with a broom and mop only addresses surface problems. Professional floor cleanings reach deep into the floorboards to revitalize them. The option is also available to apply a protective coating that will give your wood floors an attractive sheen.

\Wood floors can truly last for decades if properly maintained. However, the “if” is usually neglected. In order to have magnificent, attractive wood flooring, professional cleanings are in order. By removing dirt, grease, and other unwanted buildup, you can ensure that these substances won’t cause a speedy degradation of your flooring.

Unfortunately, not every business can undergo a complete face-lift. Remodeling companies can charge you at least an arm and a leg, and as a business owner looking to break even, a remodel just isn’t possible. But whether your business has an extravagant design or a simple one, cleanliness is always the trump card. Cleanliness is one aspect of the business that you have complete control over. In order to attract more customers, consider a professional wood floor cleaning by Made New Again in Galveston.

Employee Productivity

If you ask one hundred people if they would be happier in a clean, fresh-smelling environment or a dirty, dingy building, chances are favorable that most people would select the former. Not only do customers judge the appearance of your business, so do employees. In fact, cleanliness can make or break staff productivity. A growing number of studies show us that feelings of morale and effectiveness are enhanced by a clean office environment. Even unseen dirt and debris can affect employees. Be sure to keep your office or workplace in top condition to maximize customer retention and employee effectiveness.

Hiring a professional wood floor cleaning service in Galveston is a sure way to give your business a new persona that welcomes customers instead of dissuades them from conducting business with you. Our deep cleaning services will enhance your business and keep it looking up-to-date and well-cared for. Give us a call today for more information!

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